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Lets’ get one thing clear right off the bat: I absolutely adored the original Innistrad block. I have a thing for romantic horror in general, I love Edgar Allan Poe (my candidate thesis was a biography on him) and the flavour of Innistrad was spot-on! As such, I am very excited that we get to return to it soon, and the spoilers are looking pretty darn sweet so far. Madness, a mechanic from Odyssey, a block I adore as well for nostalgic reasons, makes perfect sense. It’ll probably also create a great dynamic with Delirium – say you have an artifact, an instant and a sorcery in your graveyard, and you discard a creature card with Madness. Do you cast it, or do you let it go to the graveyard in order to turn on Delirium? Small things like that.

Also, this dropped today:

Archangel Avacyn

Looking at it from the obvious perspective of an EDH commander, I’d say she’s quite nice. She brings some well-needed protection even if she won’t be surprising anyone. The transformation trigger is pretty easy to satisfy, even in Boros colours, and though the trigger is delayed, she’s pretty tough to deal with, assuming you satisfy the trigger as soon as you cast it. Say you cast it in the middle of your opponent before you’s turn – your stuff is indestructible this turn, so she needs to be exiled or she will live to your upkeep at the very least. If you have an instant-speed sacrifice outlet somewhere in that turn, then you get to transform her immediately, mini-wrathing the board and swinging for 6 in the air!

That said, she doesn’t bring anything that’s really necessary in Boros – card-draw or ramp – and while her day side is vigilant her night side is only flying. She might be worse than other Boros Voltron options, actually.

Also, what really grieves me about the card is the quite blatant sexualization of her character – gone are the reasonable outfits from Khans block, and we’re back to boobage and thighs galore. What’s up with wearing high heels if you’re going to fly?!

What do you think of Avacyn? Leave a comment!

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  1. Grim Lavamancer

     /  March 7, 2016

    She’s a bit of a two edged sword though. The white side of her gives a Boros deck some excellent support options. Allowing your guys to survive a WoG or go toe to toe with some rather nasty stuff. Her front side would ideal of winnie support if it wasn’t for the fact that she’ll murder your weaker creatures if she flips (pun intended). You could of course work around it with by sacrificing one of your creatures and torch the board while they’re still indestructible. You could of course go with creatures with more toughness, but then your’re not benefiting as much from the indestructible ability.

    As a voltron option she’s a bit sub par in my opinion. There’s more effective creatures for that in Boros – even in the same creatures type.

    All in all, I like the card (and I’m super excited for the new Innistrad-set. But I’ll doubt she’ll see much play as a commander though.

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  2. psykopatmullvad

     /  March 9, 2016

    Im not gonna reply to the playability, sionce you have alread done that. Im just gonna say i love the red sides picture, and especially the feathers on the wings. I need to get one of these 😀


    • She looks cool alright, but the boob plate, the whip etc. is all unnecessary and makes the art stand out as more juvenile than it has to be, in my opinion. Avacyn is an important character, she doesn’t need to be marketed as eye candy.



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