The Great Teacher, part 2

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The decklist is “complete” (I am one of those who don’t believe in finished EDH decks), and I’ve taken it for a quick spin around the club tonight, and I thought I’d celebrate this by going over the school materials that the students of The Great Teacher will get to enjoy.

minamo,schoolatwatersedge.hqMinamo, School at Water’s Edge – These days this card is quite expensive, but I picked up two of them right after they had rotated out of Standard, for next to nothing. Little did I know then that it would be pretty kick-ass in an EDH deck more than a decade later. Minamo gives The Great Teacher Hexproof on command and is a really neat card to have in the deck. Flavour-wise, it’s a school, at the water’s edge, and just so happens, the school I work at is right by a lake.

Scroll Rack, Scroll of the Masters, Merchant Scroll – All schools need books, and in The Great Teacher’s school, they come in the form of scrolls. Scroll Rack is pretty powerful on its own, and the deck has quite a few shuffle effects, Merchant Scroll can find numerous cards in the deck for cheap, and Scroll of the Masters is pretty underwhelming but quite flavourful at the same time. I like all three well enough in the deck!

Expedition Map – It’s time for a geography lesson. Expedition Map can find Minamo, which is what it does best and is in the deck to do. It’s slow, but reliable.

Detention Sphere – Students who misbehave in The Great Teacher’s classroom get to go to the Detention detentionsphere.hqSphere. I plan to make a tiny paper dunce cap to put on the card currently in detention, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. In terms of game-play, it is pretty close to a blue-white Vindicate, even if it does get randomly destroyed sometimes, but it has the upside of being great against token decks in general. I don’t think I’d play blue-white without it.

Ring of Thune – This could perhaps pass as a class ring? In all honesty, it’s mostly there for the effect, giving The Great Teacher vigilance is really powerful, since it turns on his inherent hexproof all the time. In flavour terms it’s hard to justify, but I think a portion of the deck ought to be cards to grant The Great Teacher vigilance.


And that’s it for the school material! In the next post, I will go over any card that has to do with learning!

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