The Great Teacher, part 3

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Today is the last day of my easter break, and I want to celebrate going back to work in the morning by doing one last post about the flavour in my Ojutai deck. This part will focus on any of the cards that center on learning, but aren’t students or school supplies. deepanalysis.hq

Thirst for Knowledge, Compulsive Research, Deep Analysis – All of these cards focus on learning orschoolwork. I especially like Deep Analysis, the cephalid in the art are obviously taking part in a biology lesson and are about to dissect a Masticore. All three are pretty good cards, and all three tend to generate some sort of card advantage at best, and card quality at worst.

Fact or Fiction – Clearly a reference to some sort of religious studies lesson, a subject I happen to teach. It’s also a very, very good card, which always helps.

rhysticstudy.hqRhystic Study – The name refers to studying, the art shows a student (Alexi?), and the flavour references teaching. Twice. It has to be in the deck. It’s also very, very good, and an EDH staple, for good reason.

Concentrate – …is a good thing to do, when you study. The card is decent. That’s about it.

Council’s Judgment – This one is even more far-fetched. I call it Student Council’s Judgment, and it represents The Great Teacher’s democratic side. Otherwise, most schools have some sort of disciplinary board if students misbehave, and I guess it could represent that too. Pretty sweet card, it deals with most things, and can lead to hectic diplomatic plays around the board.

Long-Term Plans – “To teach is to plan”, a lecturer told me during my teaching education, and that is the truest statement I heard that entire five-year span. Teachers spend an obscene amount of time planning, and this card represents The Great Teacher’s planning. It also happens to synch well with his trigger, which is also very nice.

Stroke of Geniusuginsinsight.full – Having a stroke of genius sure is nice when trying to learn something, and the flavour references experimentation, an important part of any science-based subject. The card is one of three draw-X spells, along with Blue Sun’s Zenith, and Sphinx’s Revelation. The latter is maybe also tied to teaching a bit, since it references knowledge in the flavour. All three are pretty boss ways to tap out at the end of an opponent’s turn in order to get ahead in cards compared to the entire board.

Ugin’s Insight – This is probably my favourite of the teaching cards, since it’s the most obscure. Clearly, Ugin is showing Jace a PowerPoint presentation of the Eldrazi. The card, the flavour and the art also convey the fact that Ugin is more knowledgeable than Jace, and in this case, teaches him. It’s also sometimes alright, sometimes really good. Scrying 2-5 and then drawing three is usually worth 5 mana, especially when you compare it to Concentrate.

I will write a final post on the “cards that are good but not really connected to the theme” cards, and then close the book on The Great Teacher for this time. I’m only a single game into the deck right now, and big changes might happen over the coming weeks.


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  1. Grim Lavamancer

     /  April 4, 2016

    I can only imagine that Ugin’s power point skills aren’t that great, relying a lot on spinning and zooming effects, messing up the order of his slides and things like that. He has been out of the game for over a thousand years after all!

    I’ve been enjoying this series very much so far, and even after it’s ended I hope we’ll hear from the Great Teacher!

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    • He’s one of those teachers who always struggle with getting the projector working, the sound working, and you’ll know for sure he’ll leave the pointer on the on-screen track bar when he shows a film in full-screen.

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