Deck Spotlight: Psykopatmullvad’s Animar!

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Today we take a look at one of the new nemesises (nemeses? nemesi?) of my local paper meta – the elemental of combo itself – Animar, Soul of Elements! Psykopatmullvad has nicknamed his deck “Animar the Combolicious”, likely in irony, but let me preface this by saying that I don’t think that there is anything inherently wrong with Combo in EDH. Infinite combos that kill the entire table or combos leading to infinite turns are frowned upon in our local metagame, but not outright banned. Games need to end, and even though I personally regard combo decks to be among the most easy to pilot in the format (more on that another day), Animar is of a different breed than most other combo generals. It animarrequires an intricate mix of creatures in order to “go off”, and although it can go infinite with Ancestral Statue and just make Animar arbitrarily large and make all of the spells cost absolutely no generic mana at all. That two-card combo aside, the deck plays very interestingly, with a lot of neat little interactions, and after playing quite a bit against Mizzix and Ezuri 2, I appreciate being able to just bounce Animar to get rid of all the counters.

With that, let’s have a look at Psykopatmullvad’s list! Animar the Combolicious, on Below the line is my interview with Psykopatmullvad, with my questions in bold and his answers in regular text.

What does the deck do? How does it win?
It pisses people off and makes me a huge target  😀
On a more serious note, you want to play Animar as soon as possible, turn two is perfect! Then play some creatures to get Animar to three, maybe four counters. Then you just start going off by playing more creatures and bouncing creatures. Cards like EquilibriumCloudstone Curio and Ancestral Statue are really good. So you just keep playing creatures and buffing Animar until you can just kill people or do something else nasty.

What made you build this deck?
I wanted to try something else, some new combination of colors I had never played before. And RUG was one of them. Then I looked over commanders and saw Animar, and fell in Love! He promoted a creature dense deck, and I love playing creatures in Magic. And he has some protection built in, also his mechanic seemed sweet, so Animar it was. I heard hes one of the top tier Commanders, and secretly I’m sick of losing. I want to win more  😀

Did you consider any other available commanders in this color combination or this strategy?
Yes, it was between Animar and Maelstrom Wanderer. But Animar won so I put the Wanderer in the 99, hes just too good not to play with! Surrak Dragonclaw was also thought of, but Grim Lavamancer had already played with him (and done good I might say). He was in the 99 at first, but got cut in the latest rebuild. Riku of Two Reflections is nice too, but much too complicated. Also he’s 5 CMC (just like Surrak), and I love my Commanders cheap (only exception so far is Zurgo, but look at him!)

What are the best cards in the deck?
Don’t know for sure yet,hardened scales since I have not played with the latest iteration of the deck. But good cards are Ancestral Statue, Cloudstone Curio, Equilibrium and Deadeye Navigator. Also a shoutout to Hardened Scales, if you can get it into play before Animar. Then all kinds of crazy stuff can happen, and Animar grows FAST.

What are your most favourite cards in the deck?
Hmm… That has to be Shrieking Drake. Never seen it before but it fits very well in this deck. Suprised how good it has performed.

Any changes you’re looking to make?
Yes. Just looked at the list again and I need to put in a Rogue’s Passage. Really. I need to. I HAVE to!

How many infinite combos do you know of in the deck?
Lets see…
Deadeye Navigator + Palinchron is one.
Animar (3 counters) + Ancestral Statue is one.
Cloudstone Curio + Deadeye Navigator + Elvish Visionary is one.
Kiki-Jiki, Mirror BreakerZealous Conscripts is one (classic one!).

How many do you suspect are there but not known today? 😉 
Cloudstone Curio and Deadeye Navigator can probably be combined to make a lot of different combos. I’ll guess there are at least 4-5 more combinations I haven’t thought of or seen yet.

A note: the final two questions are my tongue-in-cheek way to criticize Psykopatmullvad’s love for infinite combos. One evening, he lent his Krenko deck to a friend, who subsequently instantly found one of the infinite combos in the deck and killed us all. When asked about how many infinite combos are in the deck, Psykopatmullvad answered “Three… That I know of…”, an instant classic exchange in our playgroup.

That’s all for this time, folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed a look at my friend’s Animar deck! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below!

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  1. Grim Lavamancer

     /  April 26, 2016

    Animar faces a bit of the same problem as my Mizzix deck. Excellent on paper, but it represents such obvious power that no one can afford to ignore it once it hits the table. Fortunately for Animar he has some built in protection against the two colors that has the most potent removal spells.

    It’s a cool deck though. And it’s a very satisfying feeling when you manage to unite the whole table against you but manage to beat them all and come out on top.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. psykopatmullvad

     /  April 26, 2016

    Honey, Im Home!
    Yes the name was ironic.
    It was never really my intent to become the Infinite-Guy!
    In my mind Animar is actually fair! Compared to Mizzix or Meren, Animar resets to Zero everytime someone stops him. Also there are alot of spells to deal with creatures.
    If my group thinks its too good, ill downgrade it a bit, but lets play alot of more games first!

    Liked by 1 person


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