Kaya revealed!

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Kaya, Ghost Assassin was revealed today, and though I was off with my theory, I was two-thirds correct in a manner of speaking. Here she is:


The art looks very bad-ass in the frame too, and even though I predicted Esper, she is “only” white-black. Her abilities, however, are very interesting. She’s the second ever planeswalker, after Sarkhan the Mad, to be printed without an activated ability that increases her loyalty (well, third if you count the front-face of Garruk Relentless), though while the second incarnation of Sarkhan is utter suicidal, Kaya can use her 0-ability to reset herself, while also dodging out of the way until your next turn. It can also be used to blink a creature with a sweet enters-the-battlefield effect, though it will also prevent non-hasty creatures from attacking. It seems balanced and fair to me. Before we see some of the commons in the set, however, it’s impossible to say how good she will be in Conspiracy 2 draft.

Both the -1 and -2 are not scaling up like crazy in multiplayer, which is obviously not the point, since she is in a set intended for multiplayer. That said, they do hit all of your opponents, meaning it’s at least better than the +1 of Liliana Vess. Drawing cards while forcing the table to discard is sure to draw some hate though.

Overall, I like her a lot. I think she will be fine in EDH as an extra Phyrexian Arena, and for being tricky like heck with her 0-ability! Her -1 ability is less impressive in a format with 40 life, but her low CMC and somewhat high loyalty makes up for that, in my opinon.

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Later edit: Someone pointed out that it was unreasonable to have a multicoloured card already on number 75/221, however, the original Conspiracy did their numbering in a non-intuitive order, starting with new cards and followed by reprints. For comparison, Dack Feyden is number 42/220, so the only thing that the 75/221 means is *perhaps* that Conspiracy 2 will have more new cards than Conspiracy had. There’s nothing out of the ordinary here, no conspiracy, and the card is from an official source.

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