About the authors

Known as “Purgatory” on the Source, purgatog is the main writer of this blog. Starting Magic in secondary school, when Urza’s Saga was still in stores, purgatog played some casual Magic before he and a group of friends (two of them detailed below) started a local gaming club dedicated to primarily Magic. After that, the group moved to Vintage, mostly due to the proximity to Gothenburg, then known as the Vintage capital of Sweden. The group later shifted to Legacy, after purgatog’s younger brother introduced the group to the format.

In Vintage, purgatog tended to play Fish-style decks back in the days when a deck could have all the blue fetches and blue duals available and still be regarded as “budget”, and he enjoyed the most success with a deck that was known as Birdshit, which bore many similarities to the Legacy UGw Threshold.

In Legacy, he’s played many, many different decks over the years, and he still suffers from sort of a deck-ADD, but the lowest denominator tends to be blue-based aggro-control, his favorite deck of all time is Canadian Threshold, although he has had tournament success with other decks as well, mainly Merfolk and Team America. He’d like to consider himself a control player and he would really like to just win with Jace all the time, but in reality, he tends to want to swing with creatures more than he’d admit.

These days, purgatog considers himself a “casual try-hard” more than a competitive player. Although he loves to go to tournaments and has had successes recently, there is nothing better than a long weekend evening around a table with old friends and EDH.

His favourite colour in Magic is blue, and he consider himself to be blue-white. He is found on Twitter as well, under the handle @Robin_Kaas.

psykopatmullvad began his career in the same Magic playgroup as prettohalvan, and played Vintage as well, originally. He has an affinity for Goblins, but has tried his luck with everything from Enchantress to Painter. These days, psykopatmullvad tends to spend most of his Magic time playing casual formats like EDH.

Psykopatmullvad will contribute MTGO videos to the blog.

“Grim Lavamancer”
Grim Lavamancer is a seasoned Magic player but these days tends to play EDH with Psykopatmullvad, purgatog and the others. He started his path playing Vintage like the rest of the, and has felled many foes with his patented “RG touch and go”-play (Taiga, Kird Ape, pass). Right now, he’s working on his Surrak Dragonclaw deck in EDH. He still prefers “warm” colours in Magic, i.e. red and green.

Grim Lavamancer will contribute his very own web comic to the blog. They will be sorted in their own category and easy to find.

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