Creature Type: Sorcery´s Raging Goblin Collection!

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Today I want to show off my Raging Goblin Collection! And I tell a short history on how it all started. So dive in! It wont take long!



Now, do you collect any special card or cards? Any card with special meaning to you? Let us know! 😀


Creature Type: Sorcery plays more Pauper!

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Today it is GW Slivers on the menu!

Have a tasty video, folks!



If you want to, feel free to comment, here or on YouTube.


Over and Out!


Creature Type Sorcery Plays Pauper

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Today I played some Pauper, with a sweet BW deck.

Watch the vido below for more of the action!



Thank you! 😀

Creature Type: Sorcery 003, Packing when Trading

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Today i present to you a videoguide of how to properly pack cards when doing a trade!

For reference, I have over 700 registered trades over at, and nobody have ever complained about the packaging. And it really sucks to get damaged cards due to sloppy packing! So this is my little way of helping the trading community!


Here is the link to the video if you prefer that:

Please let me know what you think! 😀

Unboxing a display of Fate Reforged. Ugin?

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The title pretty much says it all, and the Video will show it all so I will just shut up now!

Here is the Video:


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MTGO on Stream!

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Yesterday I was in the mood to stream. So what game to pick? Of course Magic the Gathering Online!

In the following stream you will see some Momir Basic, one game of Legacy and some 4player commander. All at the company of my soothing voice and some wonderful music.

Know issues? Twitch and Youtube do not really like when you play music so some of it might be silenced. I skipped through the video but did not find any, but some may be!

Please let me know if you have any comments about this broadcast! Good, bad whatever, I want to hear it!  I want to do more of these, and I want to improve, to grow (not in bodysize).

So here is the stream, in all its unedited glory!



Over and Out!

MTGO on Video: Momir Basic 2

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I am back again, with some more Videos for your pleasure!

This time I present you with three videos of the online format I love the most, Momir Basic. Its a nice change of pace from the other constructed formats, and if you love some randomness this is the format for you.

So here comes the Videos:

Game 1:

Game 2:

Game 3:


Thats all for me for now! If you have any questions about the format, the videos or MTG in general, please ask them in the comments and I will try and awnser them as good and fast as I can.

Over and Out!


MTGO on Video: Kommander Karlov (4player)

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This time I present to you a video of my first ever multiplayer game on Magic the Gathering Online. Four people Free For All, four decks, four times the fun right? Well, watch the video to see 😀

It was a fun learning process and the UI seemed to be working well. I have heard alot of craptalk about the multiplayer UI on MTGO but I found it to do its job the wait it was supposed to do.

I’m really looking forward for the next time I have an opportunity to record more multiplayer!

Look below for Video and Decklist! Yes I do present a decklist this time around as well 😉



Here is the link to the decklist over at Tappedout!


Over and Out!



MTGO on Video: Momir Basic

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Today we are diving into one of my favourite formats of all time, Momir Basic, on MTGO.

A really fun casual, sort of random Magic variant.

I’m not gonna go into any more details, but if you want to read up on the format, this is a good link to a document about it on Starcitygames.


So here comes the videos 😀


Just click here to be taken to the playlist on Youtube. Yes there is more than one video this time!


Also testing some new things again. Using a webcam and some music for the background. The music might be too low tho, but the video is still cool! ;D


Let me know what you think!


Over and Out!

MTGO on Video: Pauper Infect

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Welcome back to another video on MTGO!

This time I play Monogreen Infect deck in the Pauper format.

This video has an ending, I apologize for the last one where the ending was missing. I dont really know what happen. Somewhere along the road the ending fell off. This time I’m using another software to record it.

Here is the video:


And this is a direct link to YouTube if you so prefer.


If you want the decklist, here it is:


4 Blight Mamba
4 Glistener Elf
4 Ichorclaw Myr
4 Llanowar Augur
2 Rot Wolf
4 Groundswell
4 Rancor
4 Vines of Vastwood
3 Predator’s Strike
2 Apostle’s Blessing
17 Forest
4 Mutagenic Growth
4 Seal of Strength



2 Nature’s Claim
3 Hornet Sting
3 Fog
1 Ezuri’s Archers
2 Ranger’s Guile
4 Sandstorm


I really like the infect deck in this format, it’s fast, easy and cheap. And since I don’t play infect in any other formats this is a great way to get your Infect fix! 😀

If you want to read up on the deck, Here is a primer i used to read every now and then.


Over and Out!