The Art and the Mistakes 3: Flamekin Village

Flamekin Bladewhirl – Does this look like a guy that wakes up in his house every morning, going down to the kitchen and slicing some bread?


Flamekin Brawler – Does this look like a guy that pats his children on the head when they done something good?


Rebellion of the Flamekin – Does this look like a guy that likes to sit in a comfy chair reading a book, listening to the rain dropping on the roofs?


Soulbright Flamekin – Does this look like a guy even capable of LIVING IN A HOUSE?!


Why am I asking all this questions? It is because i really think the card Flamekin Village, a new card released in Commander 2014, is totally wrongly designed.

To me Flamekins are not civilized beings, going to the well for a bucket of water* every two days or so. Flamekins are creatuers of pure fire, summoned when needed. They are angry and only wants to make a hassle for someone. Thats, in short, why I dislike the card.

And naturally I have to show the card, here it is:


This is just personal opinions. Apart from the above, I think the card can do some crazy shit in EDH/Commander.

What are your opinion on Flamekins and their village? Please let me know.


* Yes there was a hole in the bucket!


The Art and the Mistakes 2: Visions of Beyond

I don’t know what visions he is having. Is he seeing the murder of his family and friends? Is he seeing through the Beyond to the realms of Hell, where the demonic hoard is roaming? Is he seeing the pure rage in the eyes of a Raging Goblin? I don’t know. What I do know is the fact that the vision must be exceptionally horrible because…



Look closely on the picture above, or better yet, go grab a papercopy of the card and a bright light.

Do you see it? Do you see the outline of the poop in his pants? I do. It clearly looks like there is a big poop in the bottom of his pants.

It is surprising that I get to write this. Therese Nielsen, the artist, are my second favorite magic artist, second only to John Avon. Never before have I had te pleasure to react this way to one of her pictures. Some of the best pictures shes provided are for Force of Will, Legacy Weapon, Thromok the Insatiable and Dryad Militant.

Do you see it or am I just to immature for my own good? In any case, I hope he has some toilet-paper and a pair of clean pants nearby.

Over and Out!

Surrak Dragonclaw proxy

Out of the five khans featured in Khans of Tarkir, Surrak Dragonclaw is without a doubt the mSurrak-Dragonclaw-MtG-Artost manly one. Sporting a 6/6 body despite being a human, and wearing a bear he most likely punched in half, he ought to be everyone’s favourite khan by far. My friend, also a fan of the Temur Frontier, wanted to try him as an EDH general for his deck, and the first ever game with the deck is recounted in my post “EDH nights with Damia“.

We didn’t open a Surrak in the box we cracked to play sealed, unfortunately, but we were all fine with my friend proxying him up to try out. Here’s the result, and it’s so great, I just had to share it:


I won’t say anything other than the fact that my friend who drew it works in graphical design, for a newspaper. I’ll leave you to bask in it’s glory.

The Art and the Mistakes 1: Reprinting Goblin Sharpshooter

I like goblins, perhaps a little too much to be good for me. And one of my favourite goblins is the Goblin Sharpshooter. So when I heard its gonna get a reprint I was happy! But when I saw the new picture, I was almost crying. It is NOT what it needs to be.

Here is the old picture in all its awesome glory:

Image (1)

Look at this guy! He sits there, old, grumpy and thinking “all was better before”. All the while spinning the levers laying waste to all the one-toughness guys. He dosent even seem to care. Hes been sitting there for so long hes stuck. Its all he can do. Its all he wants to do. And with the endless supply of ammo he has, hes gonna be there for a while more. The entire flavor of it is just spot on. It gets the comedy through without going over the top.

Here is the reprint:


Now, I totally understand what they were aiming for. The comedy. But frankly, to me, they overdid it. Over-overdid it. The new comedy on this card is just too childish for me. I like my humor black and raw. How is this considerd sharpshooting by the way? Hes sneaking up to the guys with basicly a hammer snapped to a gun. That is nothing like the original! They have changed too much, it feels like the basics of the card has changed. Once the hammer falls, all enemies around him will notice and just take him down. Nothing like the old cards where it looked like he could shoot forever.

What is your opinion, was the new art better? Does the comedy get to you?

Over and Out