EDH decks

city of shakarThis is a list of most of the decks featured on the site and played by its contributors. Click on each image to go to the TappedOut.net page for each deck.

Robin’s current decks:

ojutai deckbanner

pharika deckbanner

yasova deckbanner

Robin’s past decks:

tasigur deckbanner

brion deckbanner

teysa deckbanner

ob nixilis deckbanner

edric deckbanner

lazav deckbanner

anafenza deckbanner

roon deckbanner

omnath deckbanner

meren deckbanner

selvala deckbanner

ayli deckbanner

prossh deckbanner

zegana deckbanner

Psykopatmullvad’s Decks:

zurgo deckbanner

animar deckbanner

Grim Lavamancer’s Decks:

surrak deckbanner
mizzix deckbanner

Marunga’s Decks:

kozilek deckbanner

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