A New Record: Exiled Cards

city of shakar

We were at the local club one night and played a lot of EDH. We played from 14:30 to 23:00, so a lot of crazy things happened. Among other things I set a new record. In exiled cards.

This happened mostly because one player played Jeleva, Nephalia’s Scourge as his commander. And on top of that, things normally gets exiled sometimes with cards like SwordsPath and The Godslayer. Just to mention a few. An honorable mention goes to gravehate. Graveyards got exiled too that evening!

Here is a picture I took after I was out of it, after I got decked. Yes, it was one of those very long, very grindy games. As we had most players playing a bit slower 3-Colored controlling decks. Grixis and Esper was the most common criminals.


If you can see the big pile with the dice on it, that is my exiled cards. 69 in total, not counting the commander on top. That is Merieke Ri Berit, my newest deck (apart from one I’m still working on).

All in all, a really good game of Magic. Looking forward to next week!


Opening MTG Boosters: 10x Born of the Gods

Hi and welcome to join me in the land of Born of the Gods one last time.

This time its 10 shiny new boosters and some of them are really good. As in, contains awesome cards.

You don’t trust me? Look at the videos then!


First five:


Booster 6-10:


Next time we will move over to Journey into Nyx, and see what sweet cards await us there.


Here is a playlist with all the videos so far:

Opening MTG Boosters: 10x Born of the Gods

Here we go at it again, opening some more boosterpacks from Born of the Gods. 

Again, I have split it into two videos of five boosters each.

Join me as I delve into them, and uncover… yes what will we uncover?

Watch the videos below, and as always, I appreciate your comments.


First five packs:


Packs 6-10:


And as a little unexpected bonus, you get to see some of my red Ipadshell 😀

Opening MTG Booster: 10x Born of the Gods

And I am back  again with another pair of videos featuring the opening of Born of the Gods-boosters. Since I have put out some of these videos by now I know there are bound to be some questions, and I think I know the most common ones. I will answer them here before the videos.

Q: Why so much Born of the Gods?

A: I bought an entire display + 12 loose boosters, so I have alot of them. But do not worry. I wont be opening Born of the Gods for the rest of our lives. After them, I have a display of Journey into Nyx, and after that it will be whatever boosters I can get my hands on for reasonable prices.


Q: Why only 5 boosters per video?

A: My Ipad cant hold more than that before it is full. I have way to many Spider-Man comics on it 😉 And I do not own another method of recording at the moment.


Now over to the videos! What sweet foils are we opening this time? Please let me know what you think of the videos and the cards I open!


The first 5:


The second batch of 5:


Do you want to see more Born of the Gods next time, or shall I start ripping into the Journey into Nyx display?

Opening MTG Boosters: 1 Theros, 1 BotG, 1 JiN (2)

Opening some more sweet packs from Theros Block.


Opening MTG Boosters: 5x Journey into Nyx

Opening 5 packs from the set Journey into Nyx.


As always, please comment 😀


Opening MTG Boosters: 5x Born of the Gods

Ripping into 5 packs from the set Born of the Gods in the Theros-block.

What treasures are awaiting us inside?

Watch the video below to find out.



And as always, comments and criticism are appreciated.

Opening MTG Boosters: 5x Theros

Theros. I have a hate/love relationship to the block. I dislike the greek mythology spin to it, but it has some really nice cards.

Do I open any of them? Take a look and you will find out.

Looking forward to your comments.


Opening MTG Boosters: 1 Theros, 1 BotG, 1 JiN.

Here is a short sweet video of me opening 3 boosterpacks for this wonderful card game called Magic!

I get at least one card I can use in more than one place!

If you guys like the video, I can definitely record more of them! So comment please.

My Top 5: Colors of Magic

First the legal disclaimer: This is personal opinions, not rock solid facts.

So now that you skipped the legal texts (as you always do) lets get down to the list.

Number 5.


When I hear the words “Blue Deck” I immediately thinks of slow, grindy and long games. Blue seems to be the color to be in if you like the words “control”, “slow”, “counterspells” and “bounce”.

When I hear those words I loose interest inn the discussion. For me, to counter a spell is to stop someone form playing Magic. And that just seems wrong. I hate to be there, sitting, still playing when the judge calls “Time!”, and every time it has happened, I have had a blue deck in front of me. Even tho I hate blue the most, I have played with blue cards. In U/R Painter. But that deck is awesome, so I dosent count! And dare I say that Jace has been overused everywhere?

Number 4.


Green is the color im most split on. One one side we have the manafixing you have access to, especially if you play 3+ colored EDH (Commander) decks. That can lead to more fair games and more magic overall. Then on the other side we have the ramping possibilities. Those can lead to some really unfair games. Still its spot on the list is clear. Some of the green cards I hate the most are Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger and Genesis Wave. Asceticism and Plow Under sucks too.

Number 3.


Somehow I tend to like the evil side in conflicts (Go Nicol! Go!) and so I like the theme of black. And the environments they tend to hang in. Shadows. Creepy Taverns (looking at you Tavern Swindler!) and sewers. Black also seems to have a lot of sweet cards. Cards with synergies like Corpse Crawler and again Tavern Swindler. Of course there are boring cards in black that you don’t really want to see in EDH games like, Exsanguinate for one. Its not gonna be in my new black EDH deck. I Promise! Have I mentioned Tavern Swindler? 

Number 2.


By now its clear that red is my favorite. And even tho I love to spew damage everywhere and attack everyone with everything every round, I do love the sense of justice that comes with the white color. Knights, Honor and Warriors. Codexes, Defense and high toughness. I guess what draws me in the most is the high quality removal white has access to. Swords to Plowshares, Path to Exile and Chained to the Rock. Second to that I guess it is the fact that White Weenie exists, and works. And one last thing, white rocks some of the most beautiful basic land art ever.

Number 1.


Aggressive. Aggro. Creatures. Haste. Burn. Those are my kind of word in Magic. Thats the kind of games I like to play. Thats why I play Burn and Goblins in Legacy. The feeling of doing three points of damage already on turn one fills me with joy. Goblin Guide, Goblin Warchief and Krenko, Mob Boss are some of the most wonderful boys in there. And in EDH (Commander) red brings the random and the chaos. Spat upon by many, but not by me. Like the expensive weird red spells like Warp World and Goblin Game. Insurrection and Scrambleverse. And my personal favorite (sadly banned in EDH), Worldfire. Once upon a time there was also a very flavorful all out war between blue and red. With cards like Blur Elemental Blast and Red Elemental Blast. Some days I wish those times could come again.

Now how do you rank the colors? What is your favorite?

Over and Out