The Dragon’s Bowl

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Hello kids! Grim Lavamancer here, and this time I don’t have a comic for you. Sorry about that. But I’d figure I’d use the Mana Burn banner anyway so you know it’s me. Also, while not a comic per se, I’ve at least drawn stuff, so it’s somewhat related.

As you might have already seen, I recently made a couple of playmats. One for Purgatog’s Ojutai commander deck and one for my Atarka deck. You’ve already seen the Ojutai mat, so I thought I’d show you the Atarka one as well:


I’m very happy with how it turned out! I wanted to show Atarka in all her gluttonous glory, and what better way to do that than having Surrak feeding her with a cupcake? This is especially fitting since I ended up scraping my Surrak, Dragonclaw deck in order to build this.

Here’s a couple of close ups:

From top left to the bottom: Command zone. Library, graveyard and exile zone. Surrak on a stepladder. Scraps and leftovers from various meals (not even Atarka would eat a human skull without a couple of lime wedges). Two goblins preparing the next meal (readers of Mana Burn might recognize these two guys as the unnamed goblins that sometimes accompany Red).

I recently took the playmat and Atarka for a spin and played a few games with my usual playgroup. In one of the games I got to use the following three cards in unison:


Simply stunning. This is quite possibly the happiest I’ve ever been in a magic game. Veteran Magic players might recognize just how devastating berserking a sneak attacked Dragon Tyrant can be. Of course, nowadays you can play much meaner things with Sneak Attack, but sometimes style is more important than strength. And it still managed to deal 48 damage in a single go, instantly killing an opponent that had harassed me the entire game.

Oh! I almost forgot! If you’re a fan of the Atarka playmat or the Ojutai playmat and want one for yourself, you’re free to use my designs. No strings attached, though I’d very much like to hear about it in the comment section.

You can download a high resolution version of the mats here:


We used to print the playmats (the images above use the standard playmat measurements) and are very happy with the results. High quality print and a very reasonable pricetag (although we did end up paying an additional customs fee, european buyers might want to take note of that).

What’s that? You’re still disappointed that I didn’t post a new comic? Don’t be sad. I’m currently working on one which you’ll hopefully get to see soon. Here’s a sneak peak:

Skärmavbild 2016-05-25 kl. 14.02.16

A good day to you all!


A Play with Wydwen

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Today, I wanted to try something different – which is share parts of a recording I made last night while playing. In it, I show a few lines of play which I thought turned out interesting, and I also expand upon my ideas on control in EDH.

Playing in the game are people from the Commanderin’ podcast as well, check it out:

I know the audio quality is on the low end of the scale, unfortunately, which bothers me since it sounded fine in both of my test recordings. I’m not sure what happened actually.

A link to the deck I was playing in the video: In Wydwen’s Ward, on

Aside that, what did you think of the line of play? What did you think of the video in general? Leave a comment below!

MTGO on Stream!

moment with pm


Yesterday I was in the mood to stream. So what game to pick? Of course Magic the Gathering Online!

In the following stream you will see some Momir Basic, one game of Legacy and some 4player commander. All at the company of my soothing voice and some wonderful music.

Know issues? Twitch and Youtube do not really like when you play music so some of it might be silenced. I skipped through the video but did not find any, but some may be!

Please let me know if you have any comments about this broadcast! Good, bad whatever, I want to hear it!  I want to do more of these, and I want to improve, to grow (not in bodysize).

So here is the stream, in all its unedited glory!



Over and Out!

The Great Teacher’s domain

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A while back, I was talking to our friendly neighbourhood Lavamancer, on Facebook. This isn’t unusual, since we talk on Facebook most days – but on this particular day, we were talking about new EDH decks, and Mr. Lavamancer hatched the plan of building Dragonlord Atarka. I wasn’t to be outdone, so I countered (pun intended) by saying that I have to build Dragonlord Ojutai – which I did, though he finished his deck before I finished mine.

Mr. Lavamancer also came up with the rather excellent idea of drawing a custom playmat for his deck, and I asked him to make one for me too. Today, we got the results in the mailbox, and it was worth every penny, customs and all. I thought I’d show off my own playmat, with the hopes of Mr. Lavamancer showing off his in the near future.

ojutaimat 1

The playmat, in all its glory. Everything is drawn by Mr. Lavamancer, with periodic feedback from me. In essence, Mr. Lavamancer played up the Teacher aspect of The Great Teacher, which suits me just fine, since I’m a teacher too! There’s a lot of detail crammed in to the picture and some in-jokes, so I’ve snapped a few pictures to show off some of them (click to enlarge).

ojutaimat 7

Close-up of the board

ojutaimat 2

The teachers’ lounge, a.k.a. the command zone











ojutaimat 4

Random student, Blue from our own Mana Burn webcomic series, and Narset featuring a dunce cap

ojutaimat 5

Library, graveyard and exile zones respectively











ojutaimat 8

The Great Teacher hanging out in the teachers’ lounge!

ojutaimat 9

Some of the lands in the deck displayed in the classroom









I can’t wait to break it out against the others on Friday, if I can find a hole in my schedule to get away for some EDH. I’m really happy with how the mat turned out!

Mana Burn #27 – Traverse the Ulvenwald

Mana burn banner

Hello everyone, Grim Lavamancer here once again, and as you can probably guess by the banner above, it is time for another Mana Burn! If you’re new to Goyf Wars and don’t know what Mana Burn is, then let me tell you – it’s *the* blog based Magic the Gather webcomic to read, only available here on this blog.

Actually I had intended for this post to hit the intrawebs Wednesday evening, the comic being finished earlier this week. But in an extremely rare turn of events, the Swedish weather have been simply fantastic the last couple of days, some serious summer weather with temperatures up to 22 degrees (that’s 71 degrees if you’re one of our American readers) has kept me away from the computer. But now I’ve retreated back indoors which means you’ll finally be able to enjoy this masterpiece. As usual, just click on the image below to read the comic:


Click to read-27

That’s clues for you! I hope you have been able to enjoy Shadows over Innistrad by now. I took it for a spin in a draft with some friends and it was a blast! A terrific set with lots of flavorful cards. I ended up drafting B/R Vampires and actually won the whole thing, earning myself an Arlinn Kord for my Dragonlord Atarka deck and a nice Epiphany at the Drownyard for my Mizzix deck!

Have you had a nice time with the new set so far? Don’t be shy, tell us about it in the comment section.

That’s it for this time, folks. Grim Lavamancer out!